King & Country

We have just received images of the first two ‘masters’ of the long-awaited and much anticipated Australian Army Land Rovers...   The first to be released will be the ‘Military Police’ model complete with side doors and a fixed full canvas canopy. Driving this vehicle will be a Military Police driver complete with ‘slouch halt’ and MP brassard. This finely detailed model is a Series II Short Wheel Base Land Rover of the kind used in extensive service with the Australian Army from 1958 onwards. As you can see in the attached photos a two-man Military Police add-on set will also be available.

The second Land Rover to be released later will be the ‘Patrol Vehicle’ version complete with a driver and a separate SLR propped up next to him. K&C are planning an add-on set of 2 possibly 3 sitting riflemen to go with this vehicle.

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