Sometimes we are sent images by manufacturers of items that they intend to poduce in the future. We have no extra details, such as price or an exact release date, but want to share these with you anyway.

John Jenkins

We received a number of new images from John, showing the upcoming Carthaginian infantry, as well as Numidian and Iberian cavalry. On the Roman side, there are new sculps of infantry and their commanders, including a very nice looking svculpt of Scipio Africanus. He also mentioned the release of some Elephants next year!
John sent us some images yesterday of upcoming releases in the Norman range, including Breton cavalry and Norman armoured as well as unarmoured archers. This is going to become a fantastic range!
The King Tiger is another release we can't wait to get our hands on!
This month we will be seeing the first part of the Aztec compound wall, but here are some images already of the gate and the staircases

King & Country

King & Country shared theses image with us and announced there will be a single SAS trooper in Vietnam, as well as a set of 3 Anzac Special Forces and another set of 4 men in the Long Tan #2 release. Apart from that, there are also 3 different Vietnamese girl riding Vespas, 2 Australian MP's in Vietnam, a sandbag position, more Vietnamese civilians and 3 small, 2-man sets of Viet Cong and NVA soldiers released in a few months time!

Thomas Gunn

Thomas Gunn sent us these images of new sculpts for the Persians as well as Zulu War sets, a group of Japanese surrendering to Australian troops and a new set of crates, this time with a cloth cover. This set will definitely serve a lot of purposes and come in handy for multiple dioramas.