From King and Country we now have the new 4 piece Australian Patrol set and the USMC ONTOS in the Vietnam range. We also have the new WWII USMC sets in stock.
New releases from John Jenkins include sets for the Aztecs, Romans and Gaul ranges, and the latest (third) version of the RAAF Spitfire. Also, the latest sets in the new Saratoga series are in stock.
We now have the latest shipment of Tatiana with images on our website.
New Thomas Gunn releases have arrived: the Carthaginian War ElephantFighting Persians and Praetorian Guard, as well as a few WWII German sets.
In Vintage and Retired Collection, we have added a recently arrived collection of US D-Day sets

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Peter Nathan Toy Soldiers has been in business over 20 years and all the online products are available on display in our new store, especially outfitted for an exciting retail experience. The store is located in the centre of Sydney, Australia's largest city, in the premier retail building.

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Leni Riefenstahl film-maker Set


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