On 25 April 2015 we marked the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipolli. With the release of John Jenkins' Gallipoli figures, as well as the King and Country sets for the same theatre, we asked Geoff Barnes and Roger Scott to make a "Lone Pine" diorama for us that would include these sets. This diorama can be ordered at a cost of AU$400, excl postage (allow 3-4 weeks for construction).

Above and in the Photo Gallery, you can see some images of the end result... or better even, come and visit us and see the diorama "in the flesh"!


In the last shipment from First Legion we have received a new product line of the company: Mass Battles. The idea behind this line is to offer you a large range of high quality First Legion sculpts, painted with less detail than the normal figures, at a much lower price. These figures are perfect to fill out the ranks in your dioramas for your... you guessed it... Mass Battles!
In the first release, they have released 19 ACW Confederate troops, including 2 flagbearers.

We are looking forward to see what will be next!

From King and Country we now have the new Japanese Zero and Ground crew, as well as the more diorama accesories (Statues, fountains,...). 

There is Gallipoli Ottoman Turk Grenade Catapult, more crew for the German A7V tank, more crew in the War Across the Desert series and a new plane for the Knights of the Skies from John Jenkins.

We also have been able to purchase a large lot of Imperial, Britains, DB Figurines, etc. For more details, look in our Vintage and Retired Collection!

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